I'm not at all confident that my resume is tightly accurate, in re: start and end dates. I just discovered that my estimation of my time at Target was off by a year, though my last day was indeed August 31. I found an old journal entry that confirmed this, in a journal I don't often use.

It seems that I've started and stopped dozens of journals, writing in one and picking up in another, returning to the first after a span of time, etc. My recording system is completely off-kilter and desultory. I'm going to record here a timeline of my past decade with information gleaned from past journals, and then I'm going to throw those journals away once and for all, for the sake of organization or just less clutter.

  • June: Graduated from high school.
  • Dec. 31: Drove from Lino Lakes to Park Falls, WI, to visit Kate Karshna.

1989 - Long-distance relationship with Melanie.
  • Jan. 2: Returning to Ft. Ord, CA, from holiday leave after AIT.
  • Jan. 6: Bunking for in-processing with roommates Bowen and West. I asked Bowen to muffle his alarm clock, he became defensive and insisted it reminded him of home, which I respected. In retaliation, he told West to be quiet the next morning and let me oversleep through PT and CIF formation where we get issued our equipment. I would learn the military is fully staffed with petty pricks like this.
  • May 10: "...they have me on hold to go to Panama, because of that rigged election down there."
  • July 18: Supervisors claimed the paperwork for my promotion to PFC was lost. Turns out it was denied. Request for promotion reapplied July 20.
  • Nov. 21: Just met "Maia Serrelinda" through Friendship Book network, promoting her 'zine Scritti Literae.
  • Dec. 19: Deployed to Panama, attached to 9th Regiment.

  • Feb. 8: Returned from Panama.
  • Feb. 16: Awarded Army Commendation Medal before entire Ft. Ord muster.
  • Nov. 20: Resumed journaling in Camp Carroll, Waekwan, South Korea.

  • July 14: Preparing to leave South Korea.
  • Sept.: Started classes at ARCC, working in library.
  • Dec.: Started as stock worker at International Brassware.

1992 - Worked at Subway.
  • Feb. 22: Cast party with ARCC, had a breakdown of undiagnosed depression.
  • Feb. 29: Performed in Much Ado About Nothing. Shared final bottle of soju with friends.

1993 - Living in Lino Lakes, moved to St. Cloud.
  • July 31: Headed out to Nat'l Guard training in Wyoming.
  • Sept. 6: Moved into SCSU dorms with roommate.
  • Oct. 2: Met Janne Larson; established Java Joint as my hangout spot.
  • Oct. 10: Met "Lisa" at 1st Ave, who accused me of anti-Semitism because of my kouffiyeh, then took me to her apartment because she needed a ride home. She was obsessed over my apparent "innocence."
  • Nov. 20: CTT (M16A1 and A2) for Nat'l Guard.
  • Nov. 25: Thanksgiving dinner in Austin, TX.
  • Dec. 14: Christmas shopping with Janne and Amanda, then Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival at Suburban World.
1994 - Worked at St. Cloud Hospital.

1995 - Living above Bravo Burritos in St. Cloud, wrapping up Nat'l Guard.
  • February: Packaging at Fulfillment Systems.
  • Feb. 8: Concluded two and a half weeks of data entry work at Trimpac.
  • Feb. 28: Fencing tournament in Iowa City (cancelled: freezing rain).
  • March 30: Went to court to fight traffic ticket. Didn't work but talked down the fine.
  • April: Started work at Aria, a telemarketing firm. Joined the SCSU fencing club.
  • May: Attended friend's prom. Applied for work at Tom Thumb, denied due to personality test.
  • May 11: Started work downstairs of my apartment, at Bravo Burritos.
  • July 19: Missed friend's wedding due to Nat'l Guard drill. Resolved to not re-enlist.
  • August: Filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Aug. 30: ETS'ed from U.S. Army altogether.
  • Sept.: Gregor moves out of apartment, Heather moves in.

1996 - Living above Bravo Burritos in St. Cloud, worked at Fingerhut; moved to Minneapolis.
  • Jan. 17: Bought Greyhound ticket to visit friends in Iowa.
  • April 6: Big birthday at Bravo's; ex-girlfriend is hitting on my brother.
  • July 1: Borrowed $10 for gas, moved most of my property in a friend's van down to Minneapolis.
  • July 9-13: Visited Grandpa Wilkie, visited a natural hotspring, toured Gene's childhood settings.
  • August 6: Temp job at Memorial Hospital Homecare & Hospice (through Dolphin). This morning, five teens broke into my apartment, held me down at gunpoint, and cleaned out our apartment as Aria and Michelle are asleep upstairs.
  • August 27: Temp job at Augsburg Fortress Publishing. Coworker/friend: Christina Draggert.

  • June 4: Rhonda visits from California.
  • July 8: Finished work at World Travel & Incentives, data entry. Learned HTML.
  • July 10: Witnessed street fight in front of Hard Times. No one would talk with cops.
  • Dec.: Started at RSP Architects.

1998 - Living in Seward apartment with Mia and Ryan. Year is characterized by seeing live bands. Edge of Darkness is in full swing.
  • Jan.: Finished at RSP Architects.
  • Jan. 13: Temp job at Norwest, data entry.
  • Feb. 14: Matt & Sharon@ Masquerade party.
  • Feb. 21: Initial preliminary CONvergence meeting at Edina Library.
  • June 22: Temp work at Personnel Decisions, Int'l., IT support, through July 24.
  • Aug. 26-29: Moved out of Seward, into Stevens Community.
  • Sept.: Moved out of Seward apartment, moved into 2101 Blaisdell with Heather and Kersten.
  • Nov. 11: First writers workshop at Moose & Sadie's.

1999 - Living in Stevens Square Apts., working at Jeffrey Slocum & Assoc.
Going out for coffee with Claire; regular clubbing at Hard Mondays and Edge of Darkness. Going to see Asian cinema showings every week. Writers group starts strong in January, falls apart in March. Currently on a goth e-mail list, the Darklist. August: formed media group Vision Shift.
  • Jan. 9: Psychopop band practice; saw Happiness at 9pm. Missed working out at Bally's. Went to Ball's with Zak and Aimee.
  • Jan. 15: Drunken Sledding! Me, Aimee, Dylan, Erin, Bridget, Shannon. I flirted with Erin, Bridget flirted with me. Later, I brought Aimee and Dylan to DJ Siberia's set at Edge of Darkness.
  • Jan. 16: Hosted another run at Cafe Prague, then watched Bullet in the Head at Oak St. Cinema.
  • Jan. 24: Michelle & I watch The X-Files with "the Alchemists" each Sunday.
  • Jan. 26: At Christmas party for JS&A, I obtained permission to dye my hair (did it tonight, by Dawnn). This would be when I was growing it very long. Four days later I was going to get extensions put in but Dawnn became very ill and cancelled.
  • Feb. 5: Ordered black industrial shelving--iconic in my existence. By this time I'd already owned jackboots, as well.
  • Feb. 11: First gig with Psychopop, at Foxfire Lounge. Manager thought we'd suck but invited us back whenever we liked.
  • Feb. 19: Last day with JS&A.
  • March 1: Losing interest in clubbing, when old man sits on my trenchcoat (on chair) with his bare ass.
  • March 3: Temp job (unnamed) doing copy editing, tracking time in eight-minute intervals, through March 12.
  • March 16: Temp job, transcription at Frasier Child & Family Center. Very successful gig, they keep requesting me back. Typing speed allows me to plow through backlog of recorded interviews.
  • March 29: Temp job at College of Law, U of M. Supervisor jokingly warned me "not all of [my] memories here may be pleasant ones." Copyediting a student textbook on property law. Working too fast and assignment ended early (April 2).
  • April 7: The Alchemists took me out for my birthday, we saw opening of The Matrix.
  • April 9: Temp job, editing newsletter for History Dept., U of M, through June 4.
  • April 14: Saw the Creatures live. My contact couldn't produce comps; I went to record store, they were sold out; barrista from Cafe Prague let me hang out in upstairs bar area until the show.
  • April 21: DJ Femme Fatale is interviewed by Time Magazine after Columbine event; she tried to call me and invite me out to the interview.
  • April 26: Goth club in Fargo/Moorhead is closing--Danarchy and I drive up to see it.
  • May 13: Stood in as extra "Moon Soldier" for Terry Pounds' Return to the Moon.
  • June 18: Return to Frasier, more transcription.
  • July 2: Temp job, Personal Decisions Int'l. Working as IT support through July 20.
  • July 3: Psychopop performance at CONvergence.
  • July 9: Put straightjacket on layaway at Hot Topic, MOA. This would become important costume in Psychopop.
  • July 23: Temp job at McGladrey & Pullen, copyediting for financial firm.
  • July 27: Saw Blair Witch Project at Uptown Theater.
  • Aug. 10-11: Temp job at Norwest--should've taken two weeks, I finished it in two days.
  • Aug. 16: Temp job at U of M law dept. again.
  • Aug. 23: More transcription at Frasier. Day before was Cedarfest, a fun West Bank party that doesn't exist anymore.
  • Sept. 2: Psychopop gig at Ryan's, Kavayo opening.
  • Sept. 11: Psychopop performance for Sharon's birthday.
  • Sept. 19: Saw Solex and Cibo Matto live at First Avenue.
  • Sept. 27: Returned to Norwest, more data entry, through Oct. 8.
  • Oct. 1: Started writing music reviews for Demorama.
  • Oct. 2: Flyered for Last Exit event outside Sisters of Mercy show. Roslyn visited from Canada.
  • Oct. 12: Started work at Boynton Health Center, U of M, administrative assistant.
  • Oct. 20: Last Exit. I wear make-up though have been forbidden to do so. First night as "the wrong kind of goth."
  • Nov. 1: Alchemists e-mailed me to tell me I was no longer part of Vision Shift. They had a vote (neither Danarchy nor I were invited to this meeting) and I was booted.

  • Jan. 6: Root canal performed at Boynton.
  • Jan. 20: Started chest tattoo.
  • Jan. 28: All wisdom teeth removed.
  • Feb. 3: Chest tattoo colored in.

  • March: Began work at HCMC Sleep Center. Registered for computer lab ID at nearby North Central University; was kicked out when they realized I was just using their Internet access.
  • March: First anniversary party for Sushi Sawatdee.
  • April 20: Went antiquing for a friend's birthday present.
  • April 21: Jeremy's birthday party; Tron at 11:30 p.m.; Hedningarna performs at Cedar Cultural Center. Took Amanda to Southdale DMV.
  • April 22: Psychopop performs at Teen Madness. Sharon hosts a BBQ.
  • June 18: Jeremy and I audition for Let's Bowl! on Comedy Central. DJ Siberia spins at Hard Mondays, 10-11:30 p.m.
  • June 19: Dinner with Kimberly Hessedal at Triple Rock.
  • July 19: Superflat exhibit at the Walker.
  • July 25: Car repair at 8 a.m.; skills retest and resume discussion at Jeane Thorne.

2002 - Working at Scholarship America, living at Como apartment, roommate was Adam. Donating plasma regularly.
  • Feb. 27-28: Work retreat at Mt. Olivet.
  • Mar. 8: Kung-Fu Grilling, Mack the Knife.
  • Mar. 15: KFG, Deaf Mute Heroine.
  • Mar. 22: KFG, Wolf Boxer.
  • Mar. 29: KFG, Legend of Liquid Sword.
  • April 21: Drove to Chicago with Sharon to see Siouxsie and the Banshees reunion tour.
  • June 21: Matt and Sharon got married.

  • June 8: Visited Grandpa Wilkie in Payette, ID. Toured Midvale, Council, New Meadows (ordered Frito pie at Sagebrush BBQ), Montour.

2004 - Living at Bryant Ave. apartment; regular doctor listed as Dr. Jeff Meyer.
  • Feb. 2: Dinner with Alexis at AZIA. I tried the Azian Tiger Burger (good) and they ran out of fries but the cook whipped up some kettle chips in oyster sauce, which were amazing.
  • Feb. 12: Work retreat at Mt. Olivet. I was still with Scholarship America at this time.
  • Feb. 14: Anti-Valentine's Day party, just a street address, no one's name. Later, dancing at KOBALT, where a nameless friend had too much to drink and I took care of her. Someone (name I don't recognize) kept asking me to dance to Project Pitchfork. Is that a band? I thought it was a record label or a music review magazine.
  • Feb. 15: Wrote press kit for Goth Prom, watched anime with Brooke, missed out on helping Ursula move.
  • Feb. 18: Started Sea Monkeys kit, gift from Molly. Cultivating it in my office at Scholarship America. Played Catchphrase with the WASTE kids.
  • Feb. 26: Karaoke at Stasiu's with Alexis, Jillian, Nick, others.
  • Feb. 27: Dinner at Natraj with Jordan, Molly, Sasha and Martin. Watched Contact and Cemetary Man.
  • Feb. 28: The final KOBALT.
  • March 12: Elective surgery. I wondered exactly when that was.
  • March 25: Two full years full-time at Scholarship America, not counting temp work.
  • April through June, I'd written up a schedule for me to do various tasks on a regular basis, including updating a couple blogs and massaging my own scalp (believed to stave off baldness). Rarely fulfilled this schedule.
  • April 22: Kollaps & Signal and Report at Urban Wildlife. Low Orbit at the Dinkytowner.
  • April 23: Worm's magnificent tea party. Quite a ripping affair.
  • April 24: Molly & Jeremy's birthday party at Radisson South. Two-and-a-half years later it would be discovered that several photos I took here have Karli in the background.
  • May 14: Drove to Madison with Martin. Drinks at Paradise, dinner at La Bamba.
  • Oct. 14: Metro State open house, preparing to return to college.
  • Oct. 15: Epulum Rimki. Photo shoot at E27 (no idea what this means).
  • Dec. 18: Triple threat birthday: Sagittarian Hoo-Haw at Pizza Luce downtown.

2005 - Living at Bryant Ave. apartment
  • January 21: William Mitchell Winter Wonderland Celebration, University Club, St. Paul. Snowed very heavily, rode back to the office with Karissa Huntington. Her SUV successfully navigated the mounting snowdrifts and wove through struggling traffic.
  • Jan. 29: dim sum at My Le Hoa! Must've been good. Later that night was a party for Martin.
  • Feb. 23: coffee with Brooke. She invited three of us to meet up and hang out all at the same time, while I thought this would be a one-on-one thing.
  • March 1: Movies with Dwain and Mel. I'm no longer on speaking terms with Mel.
  • March 11: Met Tonia at the Herkimer. I met her around the new year through our mutual friends Ivan and Laura and we casually dated for a few months.
  • May 28: Went drinking on a railroad bridge with Zhac, as I angsted about growing older--I'd just turned 35.
  • Sept. 12-20: Seven days of work at Verizon, culling names/clients for new Yellow Pages.
  • Sept. 16: Ivan flew up for a visit and he and Christel joined me in celebrating Bexley's birthday at Treasure Island Casino.
  • Sept. 21: First day of work at Deloitte (through AppleOne), proofreading for accounting and legal.
  • Sept. 24: Hung out with Tonia. In my memory, we didn't last this long but apparently I'm wrong.
  • October: Went to Mortimer's with an acquaintance. Kicked out of bar for yelling.
  • Oct. 2: Went to Triple Rock to see Billy Nayer Show. While eating a po' boy and describing the band to Dwain (bouncer), I was introduced to the band itself. Got two good pictures with Cory McAbee. Earlier this day I dropped off a large, heavy vintage writing desk at Erin's (no longer on speaking terms).
  • Oct. 7: Epulum Rimki at Bexley's.
  • Oct. 10: Steak & RAW at Bexley's.
  • Oct. 12: Powerball is up to $290 million. "Potato Day" at work (Deloitte): month's birthdays observed in aggregate with a potato bar.
  • Oct. 19: Recent power outage in building inspired me to write letters/postcards to everyone I have an address for. A few people have written back, a few acknowledged receipt online. Many remain silent.
  • Oct. 22: Hallowe'en party at Sean Doyle's. A lot of my friends know him. Andrew was friends with him, and he distinguished himself in our family's memory by asking my sister if the rest of us were as fucked-up as my brother. Classy.
  • Oct. 28: Began calligraphy lessons from the Fred Eager italic guide.
  • Nov. 3: Reapplied for aid with Hennepin County. Nearly evicted.
  • Nov. 4: Assembled paperwork, made it to County office. Landlord did not produce threatening letter, as threatened.
  • Nov. 10: Attended the Walker with Tonia. Wow, is my memory faulty. I'm terrible.
  • Nov. 25: Jennifer & Jason visiting from Chicago. Awesome to see them. I embarrassed myself with an inappropriate desktop image on my computer. Jason started to teach me how to use Fruity Loops and Cubase.
  • Dec. 15: Potluck at Deloitte. They were good about eating, there.

2006 - Living at Bryant, working at Deloitte.
  • Jan. 7: "Silent Landscapes," William B. Post photo exhibit at MIA, with worm and Riss. Then dinner at Bad Waitress--invited there by Brooke who instead consulted with her web designer the whole time. Then to Hans' for Settlers of Catan.
  • Jan. 10: Currently collecting EBT since last year, grocery shopping with food stamps. Walking to work in the middle of January.
  • Jan. 12: Fixed Betty's VCR. She's the lady living above me, former caretaker of bldg., who's declining with senile dementia.
  • Feb. 1: Backlogged all January's entries in my new Moleskine, based off of LiveJournal entries. I'm very into DIY stationery and no one writes back.
  • Feb. 13: Noticing coworkers at Deloitte are acting resentful toward me, but they all evade direct questioning. Can't figure out what's going on.
  • March 27: Sometimes I walk home with Maya, who works a few buildings over and lives not far from me. Today we commiserated over the stress from our jobs and a desire to get the hell out. Of wherever.
  • May 30: Came in to work, everyone acting normal. Got call from temp agency that assignment ended last week. Supervisor asked for key card--why didn't she ask Friday? Very suspicious.
  • June 14: First day of work at Target.
  • July 4: Independence Day 1827 at Fort Snelling, went with Troy and Erika.
  • Aug. 25-28: Visiting Grandpa Wilkie in Idaho.
  • Oct. 30: Casharaoke with Karli's friends at Lyle's Liquor Lounge. What a cool idea.
  • Nov. 1: Trivia night hosted by Ian of Drinking With Ian. We won; he called me the "biggest douche."
  • Nov. 7: Band practice for Psychopop's Christmas reunion performance at Station 4.

2007 - Still living at Bryant! Currently working at Target HQ as database administrator.
  • Jan. 4: Stood up on date by Maggie, for the fifth and final time.
  • Jan. 5: Large batch of letters sent to Karli were returned in mail to me because there was no room in her mailbox. She wouldn't check mail for weeks at a time. I held onto these for a while, consulted with friends, then ceremoniously tossed them in the dumpster.
  • Jan. 6: First date with Rebecca, battle of the bands at Station 4 in St. Paul. MN Rollergirls chaperoning. We played Guitar Hero at the bar, then went back to my place and talked until late the next morning.
  • Jan. 12: Saw Superman's Curl with Rebecca at Terminal Bar. Her car got towed.
  • Jan. 15: Midnight release of World of Warcraft expansion. Rebecca gets to see what a geek I am.
  • July 7: Rebecca went to Milwaukee for her birthday. I'm at CONvergence, dressed as zombies with friends, and I had some singing gig in the Space Lounge.
  • Oct. 14: My first trip to Sever's Corn Maze.
  • Oct. 19: Applied for passport; renewed driver's license.
  • Oct. 22-25: Rebecca's working in Kentucky, traveling for work. I have several weeks of class days written around this time.
  • Nov. 17: Rob's wedding. Rehearsed the night before; brunch the next day.
  • Nov. 25-29: Rebecca's working in Grand Haven, MI.

2008 - This year, moved in with Rebecca at Colfax apartment. Still working at Target.
  • Jan. 3: Conference call with Rebecca and Chef Ben, re: reception dinner.
  • Jan. 7: First Editing class at Metro State. "I think I've found a kind of Heaven."
  • Jan. 12: Rebecca and I went to see Avenue Q at the State Theater. Great show.
  • March 4: Coworker e-mails me asking about my job. It seems my supervisor has terminated my contract and told everyone I work with but not me. This, after a month of "training" my "back-ups" in case I go on vacation or something. Last day of work is April 4, the day before my wedding.

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