About the Author

Christian moved around all over the place his entire life. Born in Idaho, started school in Addis Ababa, graduated from  high school in Wisconsin before launching into his military and college careers, he now finds himself relatively motionless in Minneapolis, MN.

His interests--stationery, photography, writing, Web design, calligraphy--are regarded as anything from twee to tedious by those around him, and so he has learned to pursue his passions for their intrinsic value rather than the esteem it could award him.

Likewise, his preferred career, that of proofreader/copy editor, is the stuff of nightmares to other people. Throughout a long and storied history of moving up from data entrant to administrative assistant to database administrator, Christian never stopped picking apart other people's spelling and typing mistakes. When he ended up cleaning out a major retailer's entire reference library--it looked like it was formatted by three separate companies, one of which was not founded with English as a primary language--he realized that perhaps tech support and scheduling meetings were not his destiny.

One successful year as proofreader for an advertising firm later, Christian is contracting himself out to any companies that may be insecure about their apprehension of written language. And there should be many.

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