Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fuck This Game

And now I'm done with Blade & Soul.

Early on, you have to choose a faction. This means nothing while you're training. But when you level up to your mid-20s and move out to whatever desert region, you get a load of quests that can only be completed if you wear your faction uniform.

Of course, wearing one faction uniform means the other faction can attack you. While I was gathering quests, a player from the other faction attacked and killed me from behind. Then he and his friends hung out at the resurrection point and killed me repeatedly: either my computer or my connection is very slow, so when the screen finally loaded it was just in time to see my character die, while one person kicked my corpse and another taunted me to "stay down".

That's entertainment.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Once Into the Fray

That's how I see it, squaring off against The Enemy. There are two species of humans at war with each other: one side has, as I frame it, hearts and minds intact. They care about people and issues outside of themselves, because they understand things like community and ROI.

The other side has, as I frame it, withered, blackened little hearts and calcified brains. Their passions go no further than satisfying their own desires, and so everyone else is assessed either as a tool to attain those desires or an obstacle to those desires. They have two qualities spinning around each other in a tight orbit: ignorance and fear. These feed on each other and fuel all their other motivations. They hate [blacks/women/Muslims/gays/liberals/disabled/etc.] because they don't understand them, and they're unwilling to learn more about them. Not from the authoritative source, anyway: they're very willing to learn from other hate-mongers who are not black, female, Muslim, gay, etc., about what these groups must be like.

So there are people who care about benefiting everyone, and there are people who love money and guns and hate education, and I see these two sides at war. There are people who secure Freedom of Speech, for example, because it's best to permit everyone to express their views and move our culture forward; and there are people who use Freedom of Speech to oppress others and, eventually, kill Freedom of Speech.