Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Open Letter to Pocatello/Chubbuck District 25

To whom it may concern,

Your website contains some erroneous, misleading messaging. Please contact your Web admin to have "whatever it takes" and "caring about children" (see image below) removed from your homepage, as you have demonstrated this to be patently untrue.
With the termination of food service worker Dalene Bowden for "theft" of $1.70, when she offered to cover the cost of lunch for a preteen in crisis, you show that you do not care about kids, and you are unwilling to do whatever it takes to protect and support them. In fact, you punish people and practices that do support these lofty claims.

Aside from your stated practice of throwing a perfectly good meal into the trash when a student is unable to pay for their meal, itself morally reprehensible, the hypocrisy of claiming to do "whatever it takes" to serve your students while terminating a responsible adult's career over $1.70 is intolerable.

I no longer live in Idaho, but I was born in Pocatello. I have an emotional investment in this city, I keep up on the news there. I celebrate its victories over long distance and, in cases like your policy and practices, I burn with shame. I recognize asking you to behave with decency and compassion toward your students and the employees who serve them falls well outside "whatever it takes", so please clean up your homepage to more accurately reflect your real-world behavior.

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