Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Hallows' Eve 2015

Yesterday was crazy. No, it wasn't a full moon; that was Tuesday. Yesterday was Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis, Hallowe'en. All I wanted to do was bundle up my ingredients for a punch I was bringing to a friend's party. My wife made a gallon of raspberry liqueur, and I supplemented this with strong ginger ale, limeade (couldn't find pineapple anywhere), frozen raspberries and lime slices. I just had to transport this from Minneapolis to St. Paul via public transit.

It's hard to tell this story without sounding racist. The easy immediate reaction is, Why is it necessary to point out everyone's ethnicity? There are polite, well-behaved people and rude, ignorant people in every ethnic background. This is true, but to strip the events of last night of their context doesn't impart a full understanding of why people were acting the way they were. I don't want to say "they did this because they are black," because there is nothing inherent to either ethnic heritage that commanded this behavior; however, it is more accurate to bear in mind that X-person behaved because they came from a lineage of unaware privilege, and Y-person was the result of a heritage of abuse and limited options, and they clashed because each was operating in their own context without consideration for others, and they had reasons to not be considerate of others, and that's how things escalated.