Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time's Up! Google as Nanny State

Because Google has chosen to suck rather than rock, I'm migrating all my blogs away from Blogger.

In March, Google will begin deleting (new and preexisting) adult-content blogs that do not voluntarily hide themselves from public access. Google lures users in with wonderful free services and promises to be good to them, but once you rely on them, they start changing the rules. The latest rule is censorship, as Google dons the mantle of Morality Police.

Even if you don't have an adult-content blog, you must acknowledge Google's perimeter of free speech just got smaller. A widespread and influential Internet organization that attacks free speech is a dangerous combination.

Many of my blogs are being recreated elsewhere:
Postalatry and Chosun People are looking for new homes, probably WordPress. The rest are being archived and deleted from online presence—they were never very popular, doesn't matter what happens to them. I'm not sure what will happen to Sweven Volant as it was my dumping ground for random topics. I'm not sure it needs to be preserved elsewhere.

Google is causing me a lot of work with their policy of censorship, but I choose to stand with freedom of speech and not with Google.

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