Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scottish Comedy Television

Falconhoof, your guide. Image: BBC
On Twitter, a comedian I follow posted a link to a funny video. I can't remember the comedian, but the sketch was about a call-in show where you pay to see someone enact what sounds like a text-based adventure from the early dawn of personal computing. An enthusiastic young man in goatskins named Falconhoof invited travelers to his show, Adventure Call. I saw the one about the troll, and then I compulsively binge-viewed every single available video.

Well, I had to know what show this video was from. It's Limmy's Show, written and directed by Brian Limond, a Glasgow comedian resembling a young Simon Pegg plus his own youthful idealism. He's pure magic, and I've been studying all the episodes YouTube can provide. (If you don't understand the dialect or certain jokes, the comments to Limmy's videos are uncharacteristically helpful and informative.)