Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coffee Journal

Our humble kitchen setup, well-loved every morning.
I love drinking coffee. My wife loves drinking coffee. We end up buying a lot of coffee, consequently. We buy it whole bean, we grind it ourselves in a conical double-burr grinder, and we run it through an Aeropress we've owned for nearly a decade.

Sure, I'll buy it at coffee shops occasionally. We've got Caribou and Dunn Bros. (I don't consider Starbucks, sorry) and a hoary host of other independent shops. We just moved near Bull Run Coffee and Urban Bean, I remember when I Am Coffee opened up near where I used to live, and I've been to White Rock Coffee Roasters several times in St. Paul. I just have no formal training, is all. I'm just like someone wandering through a museum for the first time, taking everything in without any historical context or scholastic appreciation, simply pointing out the things I find appealing or off-putting on an innocently gut level.

This page will be dedicated to me recording what coffee I like, because I can never remember. Whenever we go shopping for another bag of coffee, there's always a minute of inactivity and indecision as we try to recall our impressions of whatever capriciously named brands and blends. This should straighten that out.

Bear in mind I know nothing about coffee. I'm just trying to remember what I like.

Roast Level
Taster's Notes
Flor del Huila
Light roast
Light and fruity, right off the bat. A little milky or like caramel, if I stretch it. Citrus base note, no smokiness or burnt acridity. Very mellow, which I'm enjoying, but I'm given to understand light roasts actually have more caffeine, so, not a weak drink at all.
—Caribou, May 23, 2014
Spring Fever Blend
Light roast
Just an average kind of flavor. Not burnt, that's good, and some cherry richness to it, but the flavor doesn't arrest me enough for $20 per ¾ lb.
—Bull Run Coffee, June 1, 2014
Kaffe Hela Bönor Mörkrost
Dark roast
This was actually really tasty. For a dark roast, it was surprisingly flavorful with the lavish deep citrus notes I usually enjoy in a lighter roast, though with plenty of mellow, mild nuttiness to it. An inoffensive and tasty cup of coffee for a gentle morning.
—IKEA® Food, June 7, 2014
Early Bird
Medium roast
No matter how I prepared this, it always came out kind of watery and flat. It's still better than over-roasted office coffee, but it doesn't feel like it's going to wake you up and it's certainly nothing to savor. I dunno, maybe I ground and brewed it wrong.
—Just Coffee, the Wedge