Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mixing With Kümmel

Let me preface this: my wife is really into making liqueurs. I make beer, she makes infusions and liqueurs, and she's really gone to town on this. She's made absinthe, limoncello, anisette, chambord, aquavit, Irish cream, Italian gold, "forbidden fruit" and many others. She's infused everything from peppercorn to Buddha's Hand and is always looking out for the next challenge.

Once in a while she makes a liqueur I don't know what to do with. You can drink it straight (neat or on ice), you could mix it with club soda or ginger ale, but the flavor is so foreign from the pedestrian drink selection—yet once it was the hallmark of class and distinction—that I don't know what to mix it with.

My wife has made kümmel, and tonight I'm figuring out what to do with it.

Now, she didn't stick with just coriander when she made this batch: she added cumin, and I think that works with this spice, but it's difficult to wrangle with in a mixed drink. This is only because I'm not the potage du jour known as the "mixologist", Homeric Greek for "hipster bartender". Fortunately, anything you can conceive of has five websites dedicated to it (more, if you count the porn), so when I Googled kümmel, I found CocktailDB. There are many drink websites, but this is one of the few that still works and looks pretty good.

I made two drinks with the kümmel, a Aquavit Rickey and a Coexistence Collins. The former was easy: any booze with soda and lime juice forms a Rickey. The latter I chose because it had such a cool and not immediately accessible name. I took photos of each, but since they look the same I'm representing both with the latter image.

It's my intention to update this blog with other cocktails I can make from the liqueurs my wife produces, updating here on my blog where no one will ever read it. Plus photos.