Friday, March 15, 2013

Letter to Senator Klobuchar, re: Keystone XL Pipeline

Tonight, my wife told me about Sen. Amy Klobuchar's support of the Keystone XL pipeline. I had to write to her and express my objection, for all the good that will do.

Good evening, Senator Klobuchar,

Speaking as a long-time fan of your career, I cannot adequately convey my horror at your inexplicable support of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Many respectable and authoritative scientists have characterized this project as a "game over" move for the environment. To support the dubious short-term gains from a questionable cross-continental pipeline and the energy-intensive extraction process to glean oil from shale betrays a cavalier disregard for the Canadian and U.S. environmental systems, not to mention a tacit snub of cleaner or alternative power efforts. What could be the possible justification of supporting such a disastrous and ill-advised pipeline project? The motivations can only be political, and therefore far from transparent to your tax-paying constituency, because no one with a responsible and cognizant advisory panel could be led to think this is a good idea.

I'm heartbroken over your betrayal, whether naive or hypocritically driven, of the interests and welfare of every citizen in your state, not to mention the communities that stand to be disrupted  all along the path of the pipeline. Even now, the oil companies are exploring legal loopholes to abnegate themselves of the responsibility to the farmers and families whose livelihood construction of the pipeline will irrevocably disrupt. And on the larger scale, as the global average temperatures rise, as thousands of species die, as this Keystone bandaid deludes people into thinking there's no need to abate their increasing consumption of fossil fuels, I'm afraid you will be reckoned on the wrong side of history.

This is worse than throwing your constituency under the bus. This is much more drastic than merely letting someone down. Your support of the Keystone XL pipeline is a denial of responsible, substantiated climate science and the considered opinions of qualified experts. I'm embarrassed that the most potent response at my disposal is merely to withdraw my support for you, but what else can a reasonable person do?

Best of luck,
Christian Fredrickson

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lucky-Tini, Repaired

All right, I've got to straighten something out. I did some research and I found a pretty good source that fell short on a couple points, so I'm going to post a correction.

My workplace is pretty awesome. We had a nice Christmas party dinner at a retro steak club; we had a pajama party; we have a delightful happy hour each Friday, right in our own kitchen, featuring the best of craft beer and scotch. Tomorrow we're having a St. Paddy's Day all-green potluck lunch. (I don't know why it's on the 13th instead of the workday closest to the weekend, Friday the 15th, but so it is.) The office was given a list of items to sign up for, and I chose Jell-o® shots. I'm sure they hate being associated with party booze mixes, but what can you do? Money is money, and an all-sugar product can't pretend to be concerned with health issues.

I wanted to look up a really special recipe for Jell-o® shots, and I found one: the Lucky-Tini at "Jelly Shot Test Kitchen." I found that site by searching for "jello shot recipe" and probably throwing in "St. Patrick's Day green" for good measure, and Google coughed up a slew of Pinterest accounts, so I switched to Google Images and picked the nicest-looking Jell-o® shot.