Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unlocking OverDrive Media Audiobooks

I've been trying to check out audiobooks from my county library system and listen to them, either on my Galaxy Nexus or my Windows machine, for about two weeks. What I did wrong was implement impatience: I just needed to sit down and read all the warning messages coming at me.

The primary one is that WMA files are incompatible with my smartphone, so forget that.

But my computer, a new machine bristling with processing power, should be able to handle any file or download the programs that will enable it to handle any file. Yet all I was getting, when downloading a new title, was an error message. ...Long story short, eventually I did get everything sorted out, and it was such a hairy process that I'd like to document it here, in case anyone else is struggling with audiobooks and OverDrive Media Console.

  1. I received the error message "Error 0x80070075 - parameter is incorrect." Apparently this relates to DRM protection, which doesn't apply to audiobooks legally obtained from your local (or online) library.
  2. The Blog of Mark has great preliminary instructions for finding your own DRM folder and potentially disabling its restrictions. A lot of this entails disabling all the hidden folder filters on your machine.
  3. After trying those step-by-step procedures and yielding nothing, be sure to download and run the batch file he provides in the Dec. 2008 update. That will take you straight to your extremely well-hidden DRM folder, after unlocking everything in step 2.
  4. A library in Albuquerque provides the next steps, going into that folder and removing a few very specific files. Only after this was accomplished was I able to run my downloaded WMA files.
I know I could write up more elegant steps to effect this end, but this is the path I followed and it worked well enough. That's the basic material one needs to resolve this problem that shouldn't be a problem.