Friday, July 13, 2012

No Bicyclist Left Behind

"Trail Closed July 9, Two Weeks"? That couldn't possibly apply to me or this trail.

Most Minneapolis-based cyclists are famous for their hyper-illiteracy. Not only can they not read small words like "STOP" or "ONE WAY" or "No Bikes on Sidewalk," they have proven inability to decipher simple pictograms or icons, like the big orange "do not walk" sign at red lights... or red lights themselves. Those glaring images, intuitive to small children, elude the comprehension of so-called bicycle enthusiasts in the Twin Cities.

Well, now, here's something else. After a career of ignoring the bikes-only STOP signs at either end of the Franklin bike bridge (like the oft-neglected bikes-only STOP signs lining the Greenway), now Minneapolis cyclists are also not paying attention to posted signs ordering cyclists to not use the bridge or the bike trail along Lyndale, between Franklin and Loring Park. Further, they're also not paying attention to enormous road blocks, either.

Comically oversized, two-lane wooden barrier dominating the bike trail? That couldn't possibly apply to us or our bikes.

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