Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ten Current Lists

What's listing? Oh, I'll tell you what's listing. My wife commented that she's sick of lists being overused in journalism. I pointed out that the list is a mainstay of social commentary and reporting, which she conceded but suggested that it's a bit overused as a technique. So I thought I'd look around and see what lists are currently receiving airplay.
  1. 10 Handy iPhone Apps for Home Improvement
  2. Top 20 Richest Americans
  3. Top 50 Restaurants Most Fit for Foodies
  4. Toys R Us 2011 Holiday 15 Hottest Toys
  5. Ten States with Highest Domestic Violence Fatalities
  6. Top 10 New Foods at 2011 State Fairs
  7. Ten Colleges with Most Expensive Room & Board
  8. 10 Most Anticipated Light Heavyweight UFC Matches
  9. Top 10 Warren Buffet Dividend Stocks
  10. - not a list, but a top-ten list generator
Please excuse lists for being a convenient way to simplify complicated information for attention-deficit consumers, okay? They're just trying to help. It's not like everyone gets nuance, you know.

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