Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Night of Cleansing

Let me tell you: life is boring without meat or electronic gadgets. I started reading a book and fell asleep immediately, around 9:30 PM. I woke up around 11 PM and now it's midnight and I should be asleep. Guess I could try to read another book.

That's so strange, because I've read books before. I got two Sheridan le Fanu collections from the library, I'm rereading three Wodehouse novels in search of a unique word I can't recall, I'm no stranger to sitting down with a book and focusing. But today it knocked me out.

No meat, dairy, processed sugar, or bread. I've been snacking on bananas, grapes, and almonds. I tried unsalted sunflower seeds but they tasted like beige. I'm allowed to go online to blog my progress, and I should contribute to my story-a-day blog too, but it's quarter after midnight and I feel like I should attempt to adjust my sleep schedule to normal parameters.

So, without video games, I tried to sit down and write a long letter. I successfully used up the ink in one pen (one personal goal has been to use up pens completely before disposing of them) but the letter isn't done and I had a hard time thinking of things to say to complete it. What I'm going to get out of this cleansing is some discipline and focus, I hope, because I don't seem to have it now.

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