Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Corruption of Facebook and Google

Now I don't know what to do. Facebook and Google are donating money to conservative lobbyists and hiring conservative consultants. I don't wish to support these actions with my continued presence on their services.

But they are the Big Two, there is no one else besides them. If I stop using Facebook, well, they've already embedded software in every user's computer to track their movements online, ostensibly to make logging onto Facebook swifter and easier. And they never let you delete your account. You think it's deleted, you wait past the one month deletion period, and it seems it's still intact as though you hadn't taken any action to remove it.

If I stop using Google products, I lose years of blogging in Blogger and years of communication with Gmail. I lose simple photo editing in Picasa, and I lose the superior web search capacity of Google itself. They've got their fingers in more and more pies, but with their nose up the Republican pie-hole, I'm disgusted at my association with them.

Now what? How do I leave so people can still find me, and how do I research the political leaning of any place I might go? Yahoo and Microsoft are at least as corrupt; where do Tumblr and Wordpress stand? Do I really have to resort to Bravenet and I'm pretty spoiled: I've got free e-mail, web hosting, calendar, microblogging, blogging, image storage, and social networking. It'll be hard to find all that in one package again--more like three or four parcels that I have to rope together.

And when I go, I go alone: there is no way I can convince a substantial chunk of my friends and family to come with and strike out on this tough row to hoe. I've only led them from inferior services to superiors ones, and I've asked them several times to make these transitions. I've cashed in all my chips, there is no way anyone will expend the effort to live a guilt-free life of inconveniences when they've already got their roots dug in very deeply in Facebook (and, slowly, G+, whose greatest advantage is that it's invisible to parents). People will ridicule me for being reactionary and paranoid, but conservatives have repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be soulless, money-worshipping, war-mongering xenophobes, homophobes, sexists, and racists. The news is full of their hypocrisy, waving the Bible as a weapon against education while repeatedly getting caught in homosexual trysts and defying the word of Jesus to oppress the poor, aged, ill, and otherwise defenseless. The news is full of them shooting themselves in the foot, compromising their own goals, just to prevent any measurable success of the first black president.

That is who Facebook and Google are giving thousands and millions of dollars to, more and more each year. I cannot in good conscience be associated with either of them, no matter what it costs me to sever these ties. If I register protests to them, my words are guaranteed surer than anything else in this world to fall on deaf ears. The only response is to vote with my boots, but I don't know where to go after this.

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