Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Falling Out of Touch

I'm still getting text messages for the previous owner of my cellphone's number.

How sad is that? I bought this phone in the middle of April and have had this number for over two months. That means, in all this time, these "friends" of the previous owner haven't bothered to contact her in two months. Text messages and sometimes phone calls still come trickling in, though. Guys inviting her to go running. Girls inviting her to Valley Fair. Coaches wondering why she's not at practice and announcing upcoming meets.

It's been two months. I hope this girl didn't go missing or something horrible like that. But the alternative explanation isn't favorable either: she got a new phone number and somehow forgot to tell everyone, or else no one was sufficiently curious to learn about it. I hope they see her every day and have little occasion to bother with a text message, if that's the case. That would be a good scenario.

One guy didn't believe me when I tried to explain someone else had this number. He kept saying, "Okay, be that way." I didn't want him to get mad at the young woman (I've learned a lot about her, from all the messages I get) so I really tried to explain this happens all the time, people change numbers. It could be that youth no longer understands how to appropriately use "be that way" in a conversation and it means something else now.

I mean, she sounds popular, based on the kinds of messages she gets. But the fact that no one knows how to reach her sounds like a matter for some concern.

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