Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experimenting with the Miracle Berry

Took two tablets of Miracle Berry, one each, and crunched into them. Hard and stale, had to lick them off our teeth and crush the granules.

  • Grapefruit: tart like rind, but sweet like a mellow ruby red.

Rebecca: It was very unusual, and in the realm of what grapefruit shoudl taste like, this isn't there.
  • Sanpellegrino Aranciata: very sweet, none of the bite, like a high-quality orange soda.
  • Organic cranberry concentrate: the high-end flavors of gellied cranberry, none of the acrid bite. The aftertaste is very sweet.
Rebecca: It's like drinking cranberry concentrate with an undertone, a strong undertone of essence of cranberry, buried under a thousand pounds of heavily sugared huckleberry.
  • Rice vinegar: Reminds me of another syrup or sauce that was stinging with fermentation on top but bodied with thick, golden sweetness. Residual strips of tang on the edges of my tongue.
Rebecca: Oh my God, I said it perfectly! It's very intense and it feels like there's a high-energy chemical reaction going on down the front of the tongue that made me quiver.

In-between samples we cleansed our palates with coffee grounds.
  • Angostura Bitters: very dry and acrid, like thin strips of wood up my tongue. Behind that an alcolic ghost-cloud of musk, then sweetness coming in from the sides with exotic spices.
Rebecca: It turned into a licorice thing with an aftertaste that dries your tongue and becomes a kind of pepper-cough syrup.
  • Took two more berry tabs, tried sucking on them for a while.
  • Tabasco: The heat comes through, but it's very sweet! It's a burning, spiky heat but I can handle it. All the vinegar and acid have turned to sugar, like a sweet-hot sauce in a Chinese restaurant.
Rebecca: Initially tasted like Tabasco, but it was somehow wrong. Later figured out it was too sweet. (ran for gluen-free cornbread) it felt too hot, despite being highly intimate with Tabasco.
  • TJ's raw almonds: differences are too subtle.
  • clove of garlic: acid sting came through first, then the overall sharpness of raw garlic. No difference, though I thought it was mellowed for a second, but I was wrong.
  • Coca-Cola: There is no bite. It's just sweet and muted, without the robust sweetness of Pepsi.
  • ginger slices boiled in water.
Rebecca: The initial taste of ginger water was mild and lacking something. Next I chewed a small piece and the power of the root came through. I could feel the heat, tingle, some of the aroma but the whole thing was muted. Other than the heat, actually. It wasn't bad but isn't needed in a nice ginger tea.

I thought this was a formula for ginger tea. It was made for me like this in Indonesia and it is not only delicious there but works small miracles for which I can testify.

I sliced up three slim coins of unpeeled ginger and swam them around in my coffee mug, filled with water, stuck in the microwave for 90 seconds. The formula came out tasting kind of weak. There was some ginger-like sting around the edges of my tongue but otherwise it was just a cloudy, weak, earthy water.

Kraken rum and Jameson's whisky similarly received no benefit of alteration.

Experiment ended for now.

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