Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger Deleted Some of My Data!

Infuriating: Blogger ejected all my linked blogs. I had two sets of blogs I link to in the sidebar, and today I went to add one and noticed that all of them were gone.

Gone! Friends I'd made along the way, interesting blogs I found circuitously, stuff like that. I didn't Follow each one and I didn't add each one to my Reader list, they only existed in that sidebar. And now they're wiped out.

To rectify this in the short term, I've added the blogs I follow from Google Reader. Already I have recollections of other blogs I'm now missing and if I were a better person I'd know how to find them again. (I also discovered several blogs that are no longer updated, indeed, don't exist at all. Cleaned those out.) I'm wondering if I can find a cached copy of my blog in, like, Internet Archive or something. Maybe that'll show all the places I linked to. I don't want to lose all those blogs!

I liked them!

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