Monday, February 21, 2011

Underdressed in Angkor Wat: Travel Gear

It's one thing to strut around town wearing too few clothes or clothes that reveal too much. Not "too much" by Western standards, but too much according to the country you're in.

But you would think that if they can't show any respect for the culture in which they find themselves, at the very least they would dress appropriately when visiting a temple. Or maybe you wouldn't think that, but I would, and in that sense I am contradicted by the reality of international tourists visiting Angkor Wat.

Maybe I should be grateful they're not shitfaced drunk? They are in Siem Reap, the town right outside Angkor Wat, the town you hole up in to visit Angkor Wat. I went out for ice cream tonight and happened to walk by a short cross-street called Pub St., and true to its name it was dense with watering holes. Everyone was getting drunk and starting to cross over into the "leap about and holler" phase of the evening. And it must've been killing them but at least they waited to get sloshed until they left these eight-century-old temples.

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