Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year in Review

Got bored, thought I'd mess around with the collage function in Picasa. This graphic represents the entire year of photos I took in 2010 for my 365XN photo blog. I fell about 25 days short of a full year, but I'm starting over again for 2011. Why would I stop? I'm in a freakin' foreign nation! Why would I stop taking photos just when things are getting interesting?

Anyway, 365XN was much more successful than my first attempt at a photo-a-day blog, way back in 2006. I started out well enough but made the mistake of joining a Flickr community dedicated to similar projects. When I posted some pictures the community didn't like--aspects of my life and existence rather than literal self-portraits--I was reprimanded several times, and the fun drained away like pus from an abscess. I quit before reaching the middle of the year, I think.

So in that respect, 365XN was more successful. I saw it all the way through to the end of the year, and I found it so easy to do I'm extending for another year and on into the interminable future. Why not? And I'm trying to encourage my friends to do so as well.

The above photo links to a much larger graphic, 5000xtoo

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