Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Established in Sanur Kauh

Location: Sanur, Denpasar, Indonesia
Do not be fooled: the highway, Ngurah
Rai By Pass, is never this empty.
I know, you'd think the
rampant spelling errors
would send me into
paroxysms, but no. They're
only amusing.
Right, where did I leave off? Hotel Yani? Like I said, it's a nice budget hotel. You've got to bear that in mind when you stay there: it's only $22/night. When you remind yourself of that, then you can be impressed by the garden interior and the lush breakfast buffet. If you got a $22/night room in the US, you'd have a train running outside your window and there would be evidence of at least two murders that transpired in your room within the last three months. You would not want to use the bed and even breathing deeply would be kind of sketchy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Entrance to Indonesia

Location: Denpasar, Indonesia
The flight to San Francisco from Minneapolis was the first misstep: Delta is an unpleasant airline in the first place, but SFO is notorious for flights delayed due to weather. The liaison at the Delta counter breaking this news to their Minneapolitan constituency was a very snide, abrasive woman who caused customers to regret appealing to her for help answers. Myself, I will never understand why someone who clearly hates her job that much chooses to remain in that career for one day more than absolutely necessary.