Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exploring the Skyways Yet Again

I thought about attaching this to 365XN, but instead I'll leave it in this blog.

Today saw me undertaking a new undertaking: exploring the entirety of the Skyway, areas known and uncharted. I have a Skyway map (I capitalize it even though it's not supposed to be, I guess) and thought that I should traverse every branch and corridor before I leave this fair city once and for all.

I took pictures of myself at salient junctures but in no way is this intended to represent everything in the Skyway. When I found something unusual or significant, I took a shot of myself in front of it. The Skyway map was flawed, also, in that it doesn't account for a little appendix by the bus station, and it lists the passage through the Marriott as complete when actually it stops at the elevator bay.

After that, it is the failing of Google Maps to not update and show the new Target Field location, which is a fairly significant landmark in Downtown West and the Warehouse District. Consequently, I had to tag a photo of me walking in several lanes of traffic, when actually I was safely ensconced in the Skyway beside a huge parking ramp.

And I really only got to walk through just over half of the Skyway network, in total. I got a lot done, but not nearly enough, and I anticipate adding to this map in the next two weeks. After that it will be impossible for me to complete.

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