Monday, September 20, 2010

Anna Gade - My Lunch

A glimpse into my history. Way back when I was first discovering the Internet, this was one of the ether-spirits that first haunted me and... I won't express what it meant to me. Reading it now, it couldn't mean to anyone what it meant to me then. You'd have to be inside my skull and go back in time to "get it."

Sept. 27, 1994
Subject: RE: my lunch

Snapple is too precious for lobbing. As for lobbying, my only class-consciousness is a super-structure reified in my mat and cupcakes and train schedules. society is progressive just fine here... you'd know that if you stopped to tell the time or even just look at the clock tower. you ask me to forgive your zodiacal romanticism, as if "goethe"were merely something to be dismissed with a "bless you," like a sneeze. but f your mind has a dull crust, then there is hope... as long as you remember which is your lunch and which is mine.

no historical precedents.
at last you tell me something i almost understand, like a Voice of America short story on my shortwave radio. but you must have noticed that they don't carry shortwaves around here, they say it scrambles the singing steel and then noone can appreciate the next invention of the chimes. i even tried once to watch the sin(da)bad here, but it was wrested away from me. what's worse, the humiliation or the deprivation?

there are no quantum leaps or time trax or even highlanders that *can* reveal me to you, because I'm just here on the mat, with my dictionary and my watch and my lunch... and if you're not careful, you'll knock over my vitasoy or get mud in my juice. and then irony will confound the astral plane.

Do you have any idea how long it's been?

"And if I had just a little time,
I could speak seven languages,
I could walk on water..."
you want timetimetime... you want to be the "Master of Seven Languages," (adding one to the six -- there *is* no Sanskritic precedent for that!)... and you want to walk on water... i hear that's not so hard for some, but i still try to keep my lunch well out of their way until they're finished.

i'll be waiting.

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