Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghost Adventures: the Drinking Game

Rebecca's really into Ghost Adventures, or as we call it, Douchebag Ghost Patrol. I'm impressed by what these guys are able to record, and only the staunchest deniers could decry the evidence that is presented in each episode. And with a dozen episodes each season, coming up on the fourth season, that's a lot of hardcore denying, bordering intellectual dishonesty.

But if you watch enough episodes, patterns begin to emerge, and I'm surprised it took this long for me to coalesce these qualities into a drinking game. I found a message board where fans of the show tossed out some ideas for such a game two years ago, but I'd like to try my hand at it too.

Take one drink every time:
  • Zak calls a crew mate "dude" or Aaron calls a crew mate "bro."
  • someone gives a play-by-play of temperature change: "73! 72! 71! 70! ...69!"
  • an "unexplained" voice is too muddled to transcribe.
  • the action stops to focus on an orb.
  • an orb enters someone's head/spine.
  • Zak's underwear is visible.
  • one of the crew makes a pun.
  • you can't see the shape/shadow they claim to have filmed.
  • you disagree with the transcription of a recorded ghostly voice.
  • Zak feeds cues/answers to a witness after asking a question.
  • Zak refers to 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM as a twelve-hour shift.
  • Zak issues contradictory commands: "Stop talking and, if you hear something, speak up."
  • someone mangles or murders grammar: "phenomenas," "my camera shut off out of nowhere."
  • Nick is locked up alone in a confined space.
Take two drinks whenever:
  • a hot new piece of technology is introduced.
  • a camera or electronic equipment fails (drained battery, audio cuts out, &c.).
  • paranormal activity manifests in daylight.
  • a recorded ghostly voice speaks very, very clearly.
  • someone trips over a chair or walks into a door.
  • someone's monologue/rant is interrupted by ghostly activity.
  • someone's mouth has to be blurred due to swearing (bleeps don't count).
  • a command is issued three times: "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"
  • Zak or Aaron makes a comically frightened face at the camera.
  • a witness becomes choked up or weeps during narrative.
  • the crew's recordings are interpreted by freaky-looking paranormal experts.
Take three drinks whenever:
  • one of the crew is possessed by a spirit/demon.
  • a woman is brought into a prison for a "trigger object."
  • an inanimate object is thrown or pushed into a crew member.
  • a ghost clearly pronounces one of the crew's names.
  • a humanoid form/shadow is clearly recorded.
  • Nick finds his own testicles.


Thaylon Singh / Jeremy dePrisco said...

Thanks. We were going to type this up, but looks like you've done an exceptional job.

Fellow GHC fans

Christian said...

Thank you very much! I think you should still go ahead with your own version: the list I provide is mostly applicable to the first two seasons. After that, GHC becomes much more seasoned and tougher. They don't make the same stupid mistakes and their adventures intensify.