Monday, May 17, 2010

Challenge: How Could Qwest Possibly Suck More?

Here's a question I receive with surprising frequency:

"Christian, why do you love Qwest so much?"

To which I say... I have to say...

Oh wait, no, I never receive that question. There is nothing I have ever done or said that reflects this attitude. I was overly delighted to send Qwest the final payment on my bill seven years ago, concluding business with them once and for all, or so I thought.

Recently we started a new account with them, just because Qwest is the only provider of POTS, or "plain old telephone service." That means when the Internet goes down and all the cell phone satellites are taken offline, POTS phones will still be in operation.

However: signing up with Qwest necessarily means additional headaches, grief, and upset that one would not ordinarily have received in the course of one's day. For instance: Rebecca informed me of a strange spike in our bill. We got a bare-bones phone account for $15, so why is it suddenly nearly $50 this month? We never use this land-line phone, it's just there for emergencies, like the gallons of water we store in our closet or the First Aid kit on its shelf.

It's impossible to know! Qwest routinely makes this crap up! That's their business model!

I thought I'd login to my Qwest online account and see what's up. It's just that I'm stonewalled from accessing it. "Your user name may be an email address," the site advises me, but e-mail addresses also contain invalid characters that can't be in a user name. So I followed the "forgot my password" procedure and created something very simple, then the "forgot my user name" procedure and confirmed it was indeed my e-mail address. Taking no chances, I cut-n-paste the user name Qwest told me into the user name field, so of course it was rejected.

"QWEST: Keeping Things Desultory and Inaccessible."


Jeanette said...

Your dilemma reminds me of getting rid of AOL long ago. I could log into my account but had to speak to a person on the phone to discontinue the service. It took about twenty minutes of them asking me why and what they could do to keep my business while I just kept repeating myself. Very frustrating!

Christian said...

Sounds about right. I've had similar conversations with people who are desperate to maintain an account, to the point where the conversation itself is sufficient justification to terminate service.

I found a "hack," though: if I go through the "forgot my username" procedure, proving that I am who I say I am, I become logged into my account. Why the front-page login can't pull that off is beyond me.


Qwest are effin *fantastic* compared to Comcast, i have sadly discovered. yes, i am looking fondly back on slower DSL service and non-free ld landline at this point...

Shanna (Crabbit) said...

I never noticed any such problems with Qwest. But then again, my mom worked there for over 30 years. Even when I had my own account with them for internet service I didn't have any problems.

As far as Qwest being a crappy company business-wise, and in supporting their employees... Yes, they are awful.

I recommend calling their customer service for any such future problems. It worked for me when I forgot to cancel my internet service when I moved, and wanted them to not charge me for the month of service that I did not use. I think I even got money back out of that deal.