Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh, Funky Ice Cream

This was a good era: when Ben & Jerry's took it upon themselves to generate a series of alcohol-themed ice cream flavors. Of course they had no alcohol in them, it's not like you could down a pint of dairy product and come away with less of an ice cream headache and more of a heavy buzz. It was just a cute effort on their part to appeal to a different market.

Would these flavors count as "gourmet?" They certainly were far beyond the norm for ice cream flavors. When you think of Kemps, do you think of Sex on the Beach, Irish Carbomb, or Cement Mixer? Of course not: you think strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Whee. You might even think of mint bon-bon or cookies 'n' cream, depending on your market.

But I remember a day when another manufacturer--I can't recall who--had developed an amaretto ice cream, and it was my holy grail to pursue. Eventually I did find it (one advantage to living in Minneapolis is that it's a test market, and some cool and bizarre food items come down the pike occasionally) and it was fantastic, and so of course it had to go away, disappear from existence.

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