Sunday, April 4, 2010

Legend of the Punctuation Warrior

I've posted about this everywhere else--there's no way I can't post it here.

I got a new tattoo! This is the logo from SPOGG, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. I first saw it a year ago when circuitous Internet links gave me to be aware of National Grammar Day. Anyone who knows me might guess that I'd be charmed with this concept (or else furiously resentful of it--it really is a coin toss, with me, I'll admit that) and I really cottoned to the logo.

It's a set of typographer's symbols arranged to resemble a little man. Specifically, it looks like a little warrior taking up arms to defend against anticipated abuses of the written language. Again, this is a cause I can get behind, and I thought it would tie in neatly with my career choice.

Rebecca wanted to surprise me with an appointment at a tattoo parlor, because my 40th birthday's coming up and she believes such a significant occurrence merits commemorating with a tattoo. She got her Buffy the Vampire Slayer "B" tattoo on her 40th, last year. Instead of an appointment, we just walked right in to the Ink Lab this afternoon and found an artist with some spare time. Half an hour later, I was inked up.

Along with posting this on numerous blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and my sole BBS of choice, I e-mailed the photo of my tattoo, plus links to 365XN and Postalatry to the admin of the SPOGG Web site. Almost immediately, the founder of SPOGG, Martha Brockenbrough, wrote back with real delight at the gesture. She was quite complimentary, mentioned that this year will be her 40th as well, and asked if she could post my pictures on the SPOGG blog as well as add Postalatry as a link! And as a matter of fact, she is sending me a copy of her book, Things That Make Us [Sic], to boot. She also confirmed my mythology behind the logo to be quite apt.

Could I be more pleased with the situation? I can't conceive of how. This will be a decent birthday after all, quite a pleasant way to initiate my fifth decade on this planet.

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