Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They Know Their Market

Location: Green Bay, WI, USA
I found this sign in Green Bay. When you see a sign like this in Minneapolis, it's one glowing wall of an MTC bus stop. The other two walls (the back and one side; the sign is the other side) are just glass--frequently shattered or scratched all to hell by gangsta trash from Chicago--plus this double-sided sign.

You'd think a sign like this might be inappropriate to display in public, you know. You can imagine situations in which little kids ask their parents what whipped cream has to do with marriage, or what it means to "get whipped." But Minneapolis has some very embarrassing bus stop signs, as a matter of fact. For a while our city was liberally sprinkled with a stop pedophilia now PSA campaign, and we can agree that's a worthy cause, but I heard an anecdote about a group of Somali women who had immigrated recently and wondered how proliferate child rape was in Minneapolis.

But this wasn't at a bus stop. This sign advising septuagenarian couples to introduce food substances into their sexual congress was in the middle of a mall. Younkers, to be specific. It's not a cutting-edge place, it's not haute couture, you go there to get shoes for work or Levi's or to shop at Waldenbooks. This glowing sign was on a kiosk in the center of this mall. Yeah.

I've been meaning to post this for some time, now.

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