Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stupid Questions I Can't Answer

Yeah, I'm way into this game, for no good reason. This is Cafe World on Facebook. It's put out by Zynga, the same people who do Mafia Wars, FarmVille and FishVille on FB and Scramble/Scramble 2 on the iPhone/Touch.

This game is simple: you're running a cafe. You gain recipes through experience. You pay to create each dish but make more money by serving it. Each recipe requires a variable amount of time to prepare, from three minutes to three days. If a dish takes 10 minutes to cook, you wait ten minutes and have a grace period of ten minutes to collect it before it rots and you just lose money. You gain experience through creating dishes, and with experience comes more recipes. You gain money through serving dishes and can buy all sorts of decorations for your restaurant. They also have a selection of decorations you can only get through a different money system in the game, and for the most part you can only get that money by purchasing it with real money. They want you to spend real money so you can decorate your cafe in a game you're not even going to play forever.

I refuse to spend any real money on this game, but I have blown hundreds of hours on it. It's the same game, no matter how high you go in level: there are no tricks or change-ups, you simply make food to make money to get stuff. On and on, level after level. Yet something keeps me playing and I can't figure out what. What will I do when I have all the recipes? What will I do when I've maxed out my counter/cooking spaces, when I've hired all the employees allowable?

Anyway. Today's dessert day at my cafe, Le Bistro Erudite. Lots of pie and some waffles and pancakes. This does not affect you if you're another player: if you show up, the game will serve you some random dish, not necessarily what I'm serving in my cafe. You can't chat me as another player. You can't interact with my cafe in any way. So why the hell do I keep wasting time on this game?

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