Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Literature in Pill or Syrup Form

How ecstatic am I? Quite ecstatic, upon discovering the audiobook section on iTunesU. Say what you will about advancing technology, say what you will about the Apple corporate behemoth: regardless, I benefit by listening to classic literature for which I have neither patience nor inclination to sit down and read. Yes, I realize there is an entire section of literature with which every cultured world citizen should be familiar, and yes, it is a failure of my character that I can't just sit down and take in every typeset line.

Yet I'll argue in favor of the value and relevancy of audiobooks ad nauseum, don't get me started, and if I can listen to someone reading a book much easier than reading the book myself, how much is lost? If I can listen to someone reading a book while I'm doing some other creative project or chore (listen to books while washing the dishes: it changes everything), why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't I maximize my time by doing all the trivial little things I want to do while also soaking in great literature? This shouldn't even be a question: people should be signing up for this capability. People should be overjoyed at all the substantial, enriching data available for download.

If you could brush your teeth while simultaneously receiving antidepressants from your toothpaste as well as storing the kinetic energy from your elbow and wrist to charge your iPod or cell phone... why would you complain? Why would you complain that such-and-such company's getting too big for its britches? Why would you long for the days when brushing your teeth was a backwards and ineffectual process?

I see that Great Expectations has fully downloaded, and before I get out of the shower, Frankenstein should be completed as well. I'm inordinately excited about this. I'll dump these to my iPod Touch and will trot around like a mobile library.

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i can't listen to people reading things, unless i'm not expected to comprehend what they're saying. for perhaps the same reason i usually pay no attention at all to lyrics in songs...