Monday, March 1, 2010

Heavy Snowfall in My Town

Location: East Harriet, Minneapolis, MN, USA

I like this format: large picture, writing underneath. This is my layout for my 365-pictures photoblog, but I think I'll use it here, too.

Here's my backyard from last week or the week before. Everything's covered in marshmallow fluff, with lots of round, smooth edges. It's very appealing. This kind of snowfall also facilitates tracking small animals: you can't see it in this shot, but on other days there are several heavily trafficked paths of squirrel footprints, maybe some rabbits as well.

On the right are two curved wooden benches sitting around our fire bowl... I don't know what to call that thing. It's not a fire pit because it stands above the ground. It's not an oven or a stove. A brazier? Would anyone know what I meant if I said we had a brazier in our backyard? Below that in the image is our picnic table. We asked our landlord if we could shop for one and he ran out and got one on his own. Stained it nicely, too, which you can't see under all that snow.

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