Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Parking and Not Much for Dining

Location: Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Let's start off with some advice: if you're going to start a new blog, don't throw all your eggs in one basket. Try writing three entries a week--Monday, Weds. and Friday--and see how that goes. I witnessed an art student starting her first blog and by refreshing my page every five minutes I could follow her rapid progress. She was uploading photos as fast as she could go, all in an evening, as if that would somehow attract an audience faster than pacing herself. I'm guessing that within a week she lost interest due to lack of response. She would have seen better results by posting two or three photos a week, rather than 20 in a night, and spending a little more time writing about each one instead of "purposely out of focus, slight variation on prev. photo."

This is a shot I took in the alley behind Lunalux and Bar Lurcat, across the alley from the dance studio entrance. Anyone from Minneapolis will probably have seen this if they ever explored the area around Loring Park and had a curiosity that extended beyond the sidewalks.

I love the font face on this, I love the paint job that's been faithfully maintained throughout the years. This looks so much better than a metal sheet bolted to the wall, don't you think?

I've been in this area plenty. One of my favorite stores in Minneapolis--Lunalux--is here, and I've even gone to Joe's Garage for brunch. They do these fantastic fried potato cubes and are tight-lipped as to their technique. I guess I don't blame them for that: if I ran a restaurant and had a popular dish few people could figure out, I wouldn't blab my secret to every half-interested comer.

Bar Lurcat is also here, which is a blatantly expensive restaurant. I only pay a lot of money for expensive restaurants in other countries (Las Vegas excepting), because the problem I have with expensive restaurants in Minneapolis is the problem I have with many goth kids: much of their personal motif is invested in the audience meeting them more than halfway. Just as a goth might throw together a shitty outfit because they don't want to try very hard (as opposed to some spectacular and elaborate outfits I've seen in my clubbing days) but expect you to suspend your disbelief and help them feel like more than they are, so too do these expensive restaurants throw together a mediocre meal and expect you to contribute to the environment by pretending to be impressed. Well, I'm not impressed. I've had better steak in worse places--I can grill a better steak myself--and I'm not willing to shell out for a dish because the sauce is playfully splashed over the food in a squiggly manner. I know people do, so these places will never go out of business, but they will never get my business more than once.

More than once, I say, because I believe that in order to be fair, in order to have a founded opinion, I have to have tried a place once. And I haven't been here yet so I won't cast aspersions upon their food, but I don't much care for the patronage, as I've witnessed them in the outdoor dining area while I walked home from work.

Wow, this post went in a completely different direction than I'd intended originally.

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