Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Should Be Writing More

Do I even have a blog anymore?

I rarely update here. I used to be crazy about it, updating left and right with all sorts of weird, non-linear things. I was going to review those free MMOs, for one thing, but that fell by the wayside. How is it I had more time for online gaming when I had a job? The fact of that matter is that of course I technically have more time for writing while unemployed, but it seems disrespectful to do, like speaking ill of the deceased while at their own funeral. That's the best time to do it because they can't refute your statements, but it smacks of immorality. Instead of playing video games, I should be looking for work eight hours a day, that's how that works.

There are a few other blogs I operate. I have been updating faithfully every day (or playing catch-up some days) in 365 XN in 2010, wherein I take a picture of myself each day. It's fun. I tried it before in 2006 but I associated myself with a group of photo snobs who didn't approve some of my photos. I quit the group in a huff and dropped the project, but now I'm doing it all by myself. The month isn't complete yet but so far I've made a good show of it. I'll be down in New Orleans for four days and not updating online, but when I get back I'll once again backdate some of the shots and set it to look as though one picture has been taken every day. Oh, I'll take those pictures, they just won't show up promptly.

A potential client found me on Twitter, of all things. It's a good thing he was Web-savvy because anyone else might not have worked so hard to find the association from my Twitter account to this blog to some other connection that would provide him an e-mail address. When he told me what he went through to reach me, I swiftly reorganized my online strategy to make it contacting me very simple. That was a useful experience, and I'm not even fretting about how many other people have tried to reach me but gave up, because that probably never happened. I am excited, however, about finding freelance work--or having it find me.

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