Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recent Past Update

At some point this weekend I contracted a cold. Usually this comes from me walking around with wet hair in winter or something dumb like that, but in recent years I've been more careful and prefer to be unfashionably bundled-up against the weather. I probably caught the sick from my nephew, Moss.

My sinuses were inflamed and now my nose is runny, my hearing is compromised, and my brain feels packed with cotton. I tried to warn my wife about it but she insisted on smooches and now I think she's coming down with the same. Dames!

I ran out to Caribou and bought a pound of coffee beans. Coupon expired yesterday but, like they said, they didn't care. I tried to cash it in last week but they were in the throes of their "two pounds for $20" sale, which the coupon couldn't be applied to. Consequently, we have a lot of coffee in the house, and that is a good situation in which to find oneself.

I haven't biked yet since the weather got cold. So much for winter biking, eh? Maybe I'll do it when my bus pass runs out. I fully intend to try it out, especially since I bought that face mask and goggles setup, and just for the experience I'm going to bike through ice and snow. I imagine that'll take an hour, and maybe it would just be easier to walk to work at that point. Half an hour of busing with unpleasant people versus an hour of walking in the snow... convenience is a potent mitigating factor, I see.

We're still plowing through leftovers from Thanksgiving, but we did a load of grocery shopping last night because our Blue Sky Guide coupons were about to expire. In shopping at the co-op where I have a membership, between the coupons and my member discount, we saved $20 on the total bill, which is nothing to sneeze at. I got a pack of fake cheese, Rice Cheeze, which claims to smell like mozzarella ("NEW: Blumpp's Cheddar-Scented Cheese! 'It smells so good!'") and melts like cheese. I figured I can't justifiably deride this product without having tried it, so in the name of science I got some. It doesn't taste that bad, actually, except for a vegetative aftertaste. And it does melt, just as they claimed, though they might not be thrilled to know I melted it over a sandwich steak.

I haven't done any writing lately. Not inspired. Plenty of time to write, just no impetus.

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