Monday, December 21, 2009

Officer 93 Wasn't Out to Make Friends

This was a source of chagrin for me, during my time in St. Cloud. On three days between November 28 and December 2, I amassed all these parking tickets. I must've left my car at a meter and gone out of town... no, that doesn't make sense. How would I leave town? Though I used the Greyhound more than a few times while I lived up there.

Perhaps I left it parked at a meter while plunged into depression and simply never left my (soon-to-be) condemned apartment for several days. That happened quite a lot, actually. But given that each fine was three dollars, it certainly was the cheapest parking in town. Sure, the tickets went on my record, but those expunged after several years, and leaving your car at a parking meter doesn't exactly raise a lot of warning flags.

Still, when you're broke and suffering severe depression, something like this is pretty irritating.

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