Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MMO Review: Dragon's Call

Nothing good to say about Dragon's Call, either. Nothing much to say about it in the first place: I can't get it to work.

From what I can discern from its official Web site, it's a browser-based game like RuneScape: nothing to download, just fire up your favorite browser and start play-... oh, not your favorite browser. The game suggests that it's best run on IE7. That's a serious demerit right there.

I got an e-mail advisory that the closed beta was up and running, inviting me to participate. I thought, awesome, I'd love to be in another closed beta. I clicked the link and got the below screen, which informed me my e-mail/password combination was erroneous. It came to mind that maybe I never registered in the first place, so I went to the main site and set that up. The above-left screen illustrates the less-than-clockwork-precision of getting that established: each of those orange warning messages are actually links, indeed, tacit invites to follow through on those stages of the process. The astute reader will muse over the typos and unwieldy verbal patterns.

So! With that out of the way, I was prepared for high adventure. I reluctantly fired up IE8 (not 7 as they recommended--maybe that's the problem) and started the game. That is, I logged in and sat and waited for something to happen. Nothing ever did: the below image is all I got. Nothing loaded, nothing was even processing.

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