Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bath Time in Minneapolis

Here's something I haven't done in a long time: drawn a bath.

Suffering with my cold this weekend, I stayed home from work on Monday and slept for the first half of the day. In the afternoon I figured I'd done as much as I could with rest and needed to work on sweating this malady out, so I started filling the tub with water.

It's green water because I'm using what I guess people call a "bath bomb," though it doesn't produce soap or anything and the scent is quite mild. It's from Japan, a friend in Nagasaki sent me a package of little products as a gift--maybe because I was sick at the time, too--and I've been meaning to use this bath item. I wasn't sure what it was and had two good guesses, and I ruled out "candy" the hard way. As seen here, the second guess was correct.

This hard powdery puck sank to the bottom of the tub and fizzed abundantly, spreading color throughout the water and scent throughout the bathroom (the latter was lost on me, what with my stuffy nose, but my wife assured me it was so). And our water heater didn't actually fill the tub with hot water: as it neared the drain switch below the spigot, the hot water ran out and turned cold, but this actually moderated the overall temperature of the tub to a very pleasant level. I climbed in, soaked, and sweat profusely.

Toki came in, as he's endlessly curious about the concept behind the shower, and studied the large mass of water with a combination of intrigue and alarm. He liked to sniff at it, but the common trick of squirting water out of a fist nearly sent him scrambling for the exit. I didn't hit him or anything: the simple act of water leaping and falling was the source of his terror. Certainly, at no point did he venture a curious paw near the water's surface, though he sniffed at it quite a lot.

It felt good to relax and sweat like that, and I really feel it made a difference. The novelty of the fizzing bath puck was a rich lode of comedy for me, and my wife fulfilled her role as unwilling audience. Ultimately I'm glad I found a reasonable excuse to draw a bath and use this fizzy stuff in the water. I've got several inscrutably Japanese packets of similar product and, while I'd love to try them all out just to see what they do as well as enjoy another bath, something about the process seems awfully posh to me and I think it would not be a point of esteem with my acquaintances. I suppose that shouldn't stop me if I really, really want to take a bath rather than a shower, but...

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Cinamingrl said...

Nice, baths are always good. Hot bubble baths are great.