Friday, November 13, 2009

Xenic Culture

It's a big world, right, everyone has different experiences and everyone's entitled to their point of view. I get it.

Regardless, there are some attitudes I wish didn't exist and it depresses me to see them flare up and manifest. I'm not saying that some government should enforce thought-policing, I'm saying that in my blue heaven this degree of assholishness would never find ground.

Places like BeautifulPeople and ASMALLWORLD are sources of negative energy and evidence that humanity truly never wants to leave high school. They do nothing--nothing--to improve quality of life on this planet and only engender resentment and alienation. They are, to the mind and soul, the equivalent of the $25,000 sundae: wasteful, decadent, and myopic to the extreme.

Why would someone create an organization whose stated aim is to purposely exclude as many people as possible?  Why would someone establish a business model upon insult and antagonism?  Why would someone go out of their way to engender hurt feelings on the basis of the most trivial, irrelevant, and perishable value system possible?  Why does it feel naive to wonder why someone would endeavor to profit off of making this world an awful place in which to live?  I'm intelligent and I can usually see issues from multiple perspectives, but I absolutely cannot relate to the kind of mindset that wakes up and brainstorms for ideas to be as contemptuous and hostile to as much of the world as possible.

It's not even world domination.  I can relate to world domination, the quest for power.  But the producers of these networks want nothing more than to be the most popular girl in high school, and that's it.  That's the end result, the loftiest goal, the noblest aim.  That's the best they can do, to strive for envy.

Culturally relevant?  I am so sick of this phrase.  What is culture: a spiritual fable handed down through generations, or a garish ensemble of unlikely fabrics and cut that few people can afford, will never be seen in public, and fades out of "fashion" within three months?  What is culture: a colloquialism unique to an indigenous population, or charging $20,000 to make an appearance in a club?  "Culturally relevant" has as much to do with culture as "intelligent design" has to do with intelligence.

When the system is structured to promote people not on the basis of character, intelligence, or talent, but rather on arbitrary genetic fluke and money, we need a new system.

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