Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing is New

I very nearly saw an accident this morning.  This car raced up to an intersection whose light had turned yellow while she was a considerable distance away.  Consequently, it turned red before she entered the intersection and she intended to blow through it.

Problem: in oncoming traffic, another car was already lazily wheeling through a left turn, so it was nearly T-boned by the lady in this car as she roared up.

By the way this car rocked to a stop, it seemed she only reluctantly applied her brakes while wrestling through second thoughts (and third thoughts) about maybe darting around the turning car, estimating how she could sneak around the front or whether there was time--which there absolutely was not and never had been--to skate around the back.

Frustrated, she simply came to a rest in the middle of the pedestrian section, almost completely past the thick white line in front of which cars are supposed to stop.

What made me laugh was her bumper sticker advocating motorcycle awareness.  It's my guess she only spots them in order to run them down or shove them off the road.

And no, I'm not going to regularly update this blog with egregious traffic offenses.  My general mindset suffers when I'm constantly on the lookout for the shit people will try to pull (and Minneapolitans are a self-important, lawless, and inept population of motorists and cyclists, so there is always something going on), so I have to block it all out.  I haven't ridden my bike to work in weeks--as the swelling ring of fat around my gut may testify--opting to take the bus and zone out with Podcasts.  It just happened that this very nearly was a violent accident and I happened to look up at the right (or wrong) time.

...Yes, I can see this person isn't from Minnesota, but this little incident indicates she feels right at home here, weather excepting.

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