Thursday, October 22, 2009

Which Left First?

This post will serve two purposes, mostly for my own benefit.  First, I get to throw a couple images together that are stored on separate computers (that I use), and once they're uploaded to Picasa (via Blogger) I can remove them from my hard drives.  They will be reunited at last with minimal effort.

Second, I will compare how well GIMP works versus Photoshop.  I'm altering the levels in each of these photos for clarity: the egg in GIMP, and the bird in Photoshop.  I'm all about correcting levels, now that I know how to do that.  Kinda like learning a cool new word and needing to use it as often as possible.

But these photos come from the same stretch of construction next to the skyway crossing 8th St just east of Hennepin.  There's a little channel formed in the ledge next to the windows of that skyway.  You would imagine snow and water get trapped there, of course, but so does trash.  Cigarette butts, twigs, leaves of course, and I think once there was a designer running shoe someone tossed up there.  But someone's cleaning that channel out because nothing stays there for very long.  That photo of the egg is a few weeks old, and that egg doesn't exist there anymore.  Likewise, I took a picture of the bird yesterday and today it was gone.  They're very prompt about cleaning that gutter out, yet I've never seen anyone there.  Granted, I can only monitor it before 10 AM, at noon, and after 3 PM, but during those times I've never seen it.

I'm specifically avoiding any kind of poetic conjecture about the egg and the bird up there in the channel.  It would be too easy to turn prosaic and thoughtful, to try to appear deep and pontificate over their fates and crap. But it's just crap, it's trite and it's crap.  No one would be impressed with me going on about "oh, egg" or "oh, bird" or "oh, irony."  No, stupid people would fall all over themselves trying to be the first, and then the loudest, to promote their philosophic conjecture, all trying to gain the most attention, trying to get laid by the prettiest girl, but neither of those are my goal.  Well, attention, yes, but for the right reasons, not just to have it.  That's why most people are working for it, and you can see this when they don't know what to do with it once they have it.

Dammit, I'm conjecturing anyway.  This is unacceptable.  Time for bed.  Stupid egg, stupid bird.

Update: Picture uploaded, but nothing concluded. I would have to edit the exact same image in both programs before I could learn anything.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it's crap to mourn a little even over small deaths. Trite? Sure, but observing that something is true repeatedly don't make it less true.