Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mislain Priorities

Does it pay to shell out for a domain name if you're just prone to changing your mind half a year later?

I went to the MIMA Summit yesterday and one of the lectures I attended had to do with personal branding. Never an issue before in my life but if I'm going to be an independent writer/editor (which I already am), I have to think about it. Which means I have to think about what the hell I'm doing with Heavy Boots, Sweven Volant, and the several other blogs I maintain on an irregular basis. What am I doing with the sxoidmal brand? Where should that go? Or should I drop it and focus on CWFredrickson? Or should I get off my ass and start marketing C.W. Wilkie in preparation for my name-change?

Then again, what's wrong with having a rinky-dink little blog to dump errata and nonsense into (namely: this place)? Nothing's wrong with having a junk-drawer of ideas, and honestly, I don't know what I'd do with a dedicated professional blog anyway. I'm not very professional. I have a great store of trivia, I'm strong in editing and writing, but I'm not very professional and I don't give a rat's ass about the professional environment.

I don't care that the Senior Social Editor of Periodical I Never Read has been bought out and transferred to Assistant Double-Plus Editor of Tedious Niche Trade Publication. I'm not interested in the industry: I just want to peddle my short stories or, failing that (which I have), pick up a couple gigs doing Web-based clean-up and ensuring small businesses don't embarrass themselves in their out-going literature. I say "small business" because I don't want to work for a large company again. I've done it before and it is nothing more than two thin slices of hell on dry, stale bread.

But then, where is this blog going? Where is Heavy Boots going? Does the Web need more cruft building up in the corners? On a good week, my blog sees 20-40 unique visitors. Most of those are subliterate idiots discovering me in a bungled keyword search; relatively few are people who intentionally followed a link and purposely went to my site. I'm pouring more energy into this blog, which is intended to go nowhere, than in a Web site and blog that could potentially further my career.

Why would I do that? Why am I doing that? What is the reasonable alternative?



do visitors from Google Reader or other RSS congregators show up on the logs?

Christian said...

They do. I can see that someone found my blog through a feed, like Netvibes or Google Reader. I think it even places them on a map, much of the time.