Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did something perhaps I should not have: browsed a selection of random blogs on Blogger.

I did this by clicking "Next Blog" in the uppermost toolbar of the standard Blogger screen.  I don't know how "next" is selected, as it is not a sequential system.  Several times, clicking "next" actually brought me back to the same blog I was presently viewing, and not a few times it brought me back to one I'd read earlier.  I'm thinking "Previous Blog" may be as random as "Next Blog" was, though I could be wrong.

But I say I shouldn't have read through them because I came away with two distinct impressions: 1) most people are trying to sell you crap, and 2) I'm one of multitudes, legions of ignoble bloggers who will never go anywhere in this craft.  I think I write better than many of the blogs I read--I'm set apart by my ability to wield apostrophes correctly in all cases, among other basic, low-level grammatical and punctuation-based standards, and though I'm entirely remiss in my personal "word-a-day" project, I've a demonstrably robust vocabulary by comparison.

Regardless, what am I doing?  What am I saying?

This place is just my dumping ground for random thoughts, flotsam, and Web-procured technejecta.  It's not comprehensive or exclusive in any of these aspects (though I did make up "technejecta," in letter if not in spirit).  The only discrete quality is that these are my thoughts and values; whether anyone could discern them from anyone else's in the dark is another discussion.

I thought, at one point, I might make a blog of pictures, and then today I discovered somewhere around the order of one metric assload of blogs comprised (in whole or in part) of pictures.  The bitch of that is: while my writing is better than that of many other writers, my photography is measurably worse than that of other photographers.  I'm not a bad photographer, not at all, I have a certain knack though I have no orthodox training, but these other photo-blogs (we may call them phlogs) feature better scenery, technical superiority, and a thick layer of overall betterness.

All the same, I'm still uploading pictures with these posts (or I try to, most of the time) just to accentuate or otherwise dress up my dreary writing.  Lately I've been including photos that are the results of my self-tutelage in Photoshop: I'm crawling through its Help directory and learning about levels.  Today's picture is the fun I've had with Dodge and Burn.  Never knew what those were for before, but don't I look dreadful now?

Anyway, at least I'm not trying to sell you stuff.  I'm marketing myself, but currently I'm free.  Aspects of me are, at least.


Vanessa said...

XN, you DO write better than most people; there's no question about that. As a writer myself, I love having a blog. It's fun, it helps hone my craft, and it's a great portfolio piece for the writing-related jobs I'm applying for. So what I'm saying is, keep the faith.

Also, no one does surly quite like you, so don't be afraid to be yourself. You trying to be perky reminds me of the Addams Family scene (in the movie) where Wednesday goes to summer camp and is forced to smile. Bless.

PS: Re your photo doctoring, I first thought you had on tons of eye make-up.

Cinamingrl said...

So did you use makeup for that look around the eyes?

Christian said...

Vanessa: Thank you, and you're right, of course. It's important just to keep practicing writing, stay in shape, get my 10,000 hours in. I just get self-conscious 'cos I'm at the point where I can dissect professional writers' work and see exactly what they're doing so expertly and all the areas in which I fall short.

Cinamingrl: Nope, it's all Photoshop. I dragged the Burn tool around my eye sockets and then heightened the whites of my eyes with the Dodge tool. It totally looks like makeup I would wear, though.