Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clean as a Whistle

Also, I shaved my goatee off last night.

I was growing it for a long period of time partially out of curiosity, but also for a kind of idea for a short film clip Rebecca and I had been planning on. When she bought her Flip cam, she asked me to knock out a little script so we could play around with movie-making. She's got some good editing software on her iMac, and she's had more than a little training in the whole process.

I've written scripts before so I pulled out this old copy of Page2Stage I bought for class about four years ago. It needed an update, and that's when I discovered this $80 program was now being offered for free, as its designer was going elsewhere in his pursuits and decided this program was a wash. Dammit.

But the goatee was getting to such a length that my nervous habit was kicking in: I winnow out coarse and malformed hairs, individual whiskers, that bug me and I pull them right out of my skin. Something in the back of my head formed the theory (which, intellectually, I know is fallacious) that the follicle was inherently flawed and generates a flawed whisker, so if I extricate it, it will be replaced by a better follicle to grow a smooth hair shaft. This is different from trichotillomania in that I don't receive a burst of pleasure with every hair pulled and I don't have an irresistible urge to follow through on the act. However, it does leave little hairless spots that look bad unless I shave closely, diligently, so it's best to just shave the whole thing off rather than worsen these bald patches.

And I'm about to hit the shower but I woke up with my hair in a nice style so I thought I'd get a crappy little laptop-cam shot, balance it out in Picasa, and upload it to Blogger. I'm very restless right now and just feel like blogging for writing's sake. I should probably focus this energy into a more productive channel.

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