Friday, September 4, 2009

Wandering Through Music

My eMusic subscription rolled over to a new month, so I have a bunch of music to look for and download. Moreover, it's my six-month... semianniversary... with them, so they gifted me with some bonus tracks. Forty-five credits to spend, burning a hole in my ePocket.

I never know what to get. I called my sister, asking her if she could remember the energetic, busy Latin orchestra from Viva Variety! but she and her husband were completely flummoxed. For no good reason I did a search for "Django" and produced Django Reinhart. Now, I like hothouse jazz, but I wasn't in the mood for it tonight. I put him and Bix Beiderbecke in my Saved folder.

Heading more into the modern sounds of Latin music, I discovered Nortec Collective, variations on Tijuana classics through a techno filter. Very intriguing, but only stored in my Saved folder.

Through whatever perambulations I can't guess, I came upon a segment of very dark music. It was some user's collection of very dark albums, from a particularly nightmarish dub reggae accomplishment to the harrowing story of M.F. Grimm, one of the unluckiest rap artists in history. I encountered Kevin Drumm for the first time, checked him out, think I understood what he was getting at, but these credits were too precious for me to gamble with.

Oh, I will say I had, prior to this, downloaded Yoko Solo and Bloody Buddies (compilation) so I only had 22 credits to play with. That's why I was so churlish with exploring new music.

So then I found this band, Mars, which an eMusic reviewer describes as an "amazing late-'70s New York no wave band". Intriguing... so I listened. If I still had a physical CD collection, these guys would be on the shelf with 45 Grave and Kommunity FK: old-skool death rock, long before goth was a glimmer in anyone's eye. I got very excited, because music like this always feels like coming home. That's the only way to describe it, like I'm returning to the land of my progenitors. It feels like a return to my people.

I downloaded most of it. It's also in my Saved folder. I ended up grabbing a lively and exotic Moroccan compilation, Maroc by Night, and got as much Mars as I could with the remainder. I'll get the rest of it next month, I guess. I'm just excited to still discover and care about new music (even if it's only new to me).

On the other hand, I really regret taking a chance on Kid 606. This is why it's important to listen to all the sample tracks and then sit on it for a day, rather than checking out one 30-second track and buying the whole thing immediately. Like some people I know.

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