Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vocabulary Notes

My Yahoo e-mail account has finally reverted to the crappy free version. My paid time has run out, and my dozen years as a member garner nothing, so all that's left to do is FWD a few pertinent e-mails out of storage and into my Gmail account. But here, I'm going to keep track of some vocabulary words, using Blogger as a kind of Post-It note system or Moleskine notebook.
  • apologia (noun): a defense especially of one's opinions, position, or actions.
  • apophasis (noun): the raising of an issue by claiming not to mention it.
  • catachresis (noun): 1) use of the wrong word for the context; 2) use of a forced and especially paradoxical figure of speech.
  • soi-disant (adjective): self-proclaimed, so-called.
  • xylography (noun): the art of making engravings on wood especially for printing.

So when I protested the Dayton/Hudson Phase II project by attending the Environmental Impact Statement and we were forbidden from mentioning anything outside of environmental impact, I clumsily executed an apophasis by reviewing all the irrelevant issues other people had brought to the table, stating I would rise above mentioning them.

And to keep them straight in my head, soi-disant casts a slight aspersion upon someone else's self-styled status, while ersatz is simply a cheap substitute for the real thing, and erstwhile means former. "The soi-disant chef churned out a wretched array of ersatz hamburgers per our erstwhile appetite."

And some Chinese I want to keep track of: Lay chee seen, ngaw doe may chee seen. "Even when you go crazy, I still won't be crazy."

Lastly, here's an e-mail I received from a fan back in 11/16/2001. Wow, I've had that account a long time.
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