Thursday, September 17, 2009

Turn and Face the Strange

So I'll probably hold onto Yahoo for a while, just because my Flickr account is already paid for and it costs nothing to let that stupid e-mail account sit and that neglected photo gallery sit for another year. I'd rather just be done with it, but other factors detract from that being a complete victory.

Yesterday I figured out how to start an online folder in Picasa Web Photos. That little trick eluded me, and it's not as simple as it might have been through other means, but it's still quite simple. Today I finished placing all those photos on the world map, and that's quite an enjoyable little feature, especially since I've done a little traveling in the past two years.

I also cleared out my Haunted Notebook blog. I've written a nice, even 50 short stories there but no one, absolutely no one was reading them, so I cut-n-pasted them into Word docs and stored them at home. I'll refine several of them and start submitting them for publication. I also deleted the 20 stories that I'd written in this blog and transferred to The Haunted Notebook. Any future creative effort will be entirely in private.

Finally, I'm flossing nightly. Never done that before, but a couple weeks ago I had a dental clean-up and they said I didn't need any repair work but they had a couple spots they would keep their eye on. I really felt like I'd dodged a bullet with this one, so now I'm focusing on floss and fluoride rinse to see if it's possible to reduce their concern even further.

To be continued.

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