Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nonsense on Nicollet

I have no idea what's going on here. I had my camera out because something much more interesting was going on last week: all the Target employees had their big-ass meeting at the Target Center where live bands such as Black-Eyed Peas and Pearl Jam (had no idea they were still together) were playing, and the streets were flooded with red and khaki. Pictures forthcoming.

But on Nicollet Avenue were these... well, I will censor myself and simply call them "art students" because that's what they look like. That one dude looks anorexic, which is so three years ago, but if you observe the big artificial-looking mops on the girls' heads, those are quite trendy.

They set up on Nicollet Mall with a camera and a stick mic, and the guy looked like he was reciting something and joking around. It was impossible to tell exactly what was going on, with one girl running camera and the guy talking in front of it, and then a bunch of their friends milling around.

And if you look in the right picture, you'll see that the brunette has spotted me. What made her look up at the Skyway at that moment? We'll leave that one for the philosophers. She hastily nudged and whispered to all her friends and pointed up at me. Their gazes shot up to my location like I'd caught them in the middle of something. I let them see I was taking pictures of them, then nodded and walked away. ...Unfortunately, my wife remained staring at them for a few moments more, totally taking the thunder out of my mysterious exit.

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