Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Niece Goes Oink, the Girlfriend Goes Cluck

Almost two full years ago, Rebecca and I went down to Sever's Corn Maze with my sister, Amanda, her husband Collin, and their daughter, Maggie. I'd never been to a corn maze before--we have at least two very good mazes within moderate drive from the Twin Cities--but many of my friends have and they testify to the amount of fun to be had.

We played in the corn pit, which is a huge squared arena framed by hay bales and filled with a metric assload of corn kernels. You could hide several people and their bicycles in this quantity of corn, but as it is it's an excellent romping area for small children (and adults who still remember how to play). At the end of the day we watched the pig races and tried a pumpkin-flinging contest, at which Amanda seemed to excel. And yes, we also did the corn maze, which was amazing and an inordinate amount of fun, but I'm getting away from the pictures.

Here are Maggie and Rebecca, each having a blast with the brisk November day, posing behind that popular photo-op, the Large Painted Image With the Face Removed. I'm sure they have these in every nation, this inverse-mask game, and it has existed throughout history. Everyone loves it, down to the last curmudgeon (and for real comedy, stick that curmudgeon's grim mug through the face-hole). I was just charmed with these two photos from back then.

Things have changed since then: my niece is twice as old, and my then-girlfriend has been my wife for a full year. Memories retained via crappy phonecam, of all things.

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