Friday, September 25, 2009

Childhood Photo

My mom just sent me this picture.  Actually, she sent me a PDF of an image which looked like she placed a photograph on a scanner and saved it as a PDF.  I straightened, cropped, and recolored the image, here.

This goes back to 1972.  I think I even remember that little cowboy hat: my brother Andrew and I had matching hats and one was trimmed in red and the other in blue.  I think mine was the red one, though for the rest of our lives I generally got the blue objects (like the Schwinn bike with banana seat and sissy bar) and he got the same thing in red.

I don't recall the shirt at all.

Where was I in 1972?  I was two years old at the time so I can't go right back there and relive the memories.  The photo does not look like our house in Farmington, NM, nor does it look like the front yard of our house in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (which would have been dry dirt), and it was far too early for our home in Chehalis, WA.  This could have been our A-frame in Boise, ID, possibly, unless we happened to be in someone else's yard when the picture was taken, in which case it could've been anywhere.

Mom's young and slender, I bet she loves this picture.  She also resembles her sister, my Aunt Lou, and even my own sister a bit.  And I look like the latter two but not Lou, and Amanda (my sister) really looks like Aunt Lou.  Sometimes.  But then I've also seen a few pictures of the Briggs from Montana, my paternal ancestors, and I share some traits with them, too.  At some point I think I should meet them for once.


Cinamingrl said...

I was in 8th grade in 1974.

Christian said...

Seriously? You don't look ten years older than me.