Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I've been a Yahoo customer since way back in the day. I had a GeoCities account... hell, I taught myself HTML in the late '90s with that GeoCities account. It was a very useful experience and I was pardonably proud of my homepage, back when homepages were the rage. Now you can just start some bland pre-fab account with MySpace or Facebook and call it done.

Then GeoCities was bought out by Yahoo, and I started a Yahoo account. I found a hate e-mail from 2001 in its archives, and I must've had it earlier than that. I had enjoyed Yahoo's services for so long that I had better services than people who joined later and paid for their accounts. Those benefits were of course mitigated in future upgrades, but I was still a loyal customer. I even started to pay for my Yahoo e-mail account, out of gratitude.

Now it's time for us to part ways. Gmail offers for free everything that Yahoo asked me to pay for, and Gmail offers more than that. I've spent the last few weeks going through everything I've stored in that Yahoo account, saving the absolutely essential information (several passwords and contracts with various online organizations, family records, &c.), transferring all my accounts to Gmail. Finally I was ready to delete my Yahoo account...

Except I discovered my Flickr account is now inextricably linked to my Yahoo account. Yahoo bought them too, so now you can't have a Flickr account without starting a Yahoo account, and when I delete my Yahoo e-mail account I will likewise lose all my archives and information on Flickr. Gone, like so many tears in the rain. What sucks about that is that I very recently renewed a one-year membership with Flickr for $36, which is essentially money flushed down the goddamned toilet.

Google offers free online photo storage. So does Adobe, to an extent. So too, for that matter, does Facebook. All these perfectly cromulent online storage facilities, all for free, and I paid Flickr for it because they're so fancy, and now I'm going to terminate my contract early and kiss that money goodbye. Furious with myself, I am, but I have got to get away from Yahoo and the more things that attempt to coerce me to keep my account, the more I'm inclined to kick my way out.


Vanessa said...

That's weird; I didn't know Yahoo charged for anything. I've been using them for ages, but I have a Gmail account as well. Also, have you tried Photobucket? I'm not sure if they do everything you need, but they're free.

Christian said...

Yahoo has a free option with ads and fewer features, but if you pay $20/year you get better spam filters, no ads, and can send/receive messages with larger storage space.

I do use Photobucket on occasion, usually to refer a site to a background I want, but that is another good option. They've overhauled themselves a few times in the last couple of years.

Cinamingrl said...

I used to have a site in Geocities too, but took it down when I found that Yahoo was taking that feature out of their site. Oh well, no I use Tripod.

Christian said...

Oh, now you've done it. I have a very strong opinion about Tripod, but then again, I've never used Tripod. So in the spirit of fairness I decided I would start my own little Tripod-based blog, so I can see for myself what it's like and how it feels. I have to be fair, right?

At the same time, if you ever want to talk about online services, e-mail me and I can inundate you with way more information than you would want. Actually, I should write a blog post outlining the insta-online package.